PEI Printing Plate til Creality Ender 3 & Ender 3 S1

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  • Size: 235x235x2mm
  • Applicable: Ender 3Ender 3 PROEnder 3 V2Ender 5Ender 5 ProCR-6 SE, Ender 3 S1
  • Flexible, removable, can stick to magnetics very well. High strength and heat resistance.
  • Compatible with PLA、PETG、PEEK、ABS and most other filaments.
  • No more tape, no more glue, no more shovel, and release your printing anxiety
  • Easy to adhere to the printing surface, easy to remove the prints, flex slightly to pop your print right off.
  • When used in a 3D printing application, PEI is excellent because it can withstand the numerous heat cycles that a 3D print bed goes through from print to print.

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