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Silk Filament MIX 1.75mm 1KG

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SILK filament MIX is suitable for everyone who likes more colors, namely the filament will flow from one color to another within the same spool. With each order it may be a different color. Since the color that occurs when the color changes during production cannot be defined, we decided to name it SILK MIX. This filament is specially adapted for those for whom the color of the filament is not important (you will paint the product or make a prototype for which the color is not important to you). When you purchase this item, you will receive a color of our choice.

Printing Recommendations:
Nozzle temperature: 220–240°C
Heated bed: Recommended 60-80°C
Print speed: 50–100 mm/s
Build platform: Glass bed, Kaptontape, Blue tape.


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